Behavioural targeting for ecommerce marketers

Find new customers using the power of word-of-mouth.

Overcome the current economic challenges with a new way of hyper-targeting your advertising spend.

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Target customers most likely to buy​

Input data from your ecommerce store. Use one audience to target across any ad platform.​

92% of us follow the herd​

More powerful than a ​ lookalike audience

Don’t restrict your targeting to the same customer pool as your competitors. Find the customers who are ready to buy YOUR product.​

Track the impact of word-of-mouth on your sales​

Target areas with strong influence, social proof and word-of-mouth. See an immediate impact on sales, revenue and ROI.​

By targeting people already warm to your brand…

Reduce CAC

Increase LTV

Improve ad performance

Getting started with Herdify

We will email you a sign-in​ link so we can connect to your data​

Schedule a call to run​ through the initial insights ​

Push data to marketing​ channels using preformatted data​ ​

Schedule a call to review​ early-stage performance ​

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