Behavioural targeting for ecommerce marketers

Find new customers using the power of word-of-mouth.

Overcome the current economic challenges with a new way of hyper-targeting your advertising spend.

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Target customers most likely to buy​

Input data from your ecommerce store. Use one audience to target across any ad platform.​

92% of us follow the herd​

More powerful than a ​ lookalike audience

Don’t restrict your targeting to the same customer pool as your competitors. Find the customers who are ready to buy your product.​
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Track the impact of word-of-mouth on your sales​

Target areas with strong influence, social proof and word-of-mouth. See an immediate impact on sales, revenue and ROI.​

By targeting people already warm to your brand…

Reduce CAC

Increase LTV

Improve ad performance

Hyper-target your ads for returns of +150-200%

How to herd in 3 easy steps


Upload your data to our portal - we need customer ID; date of sale; billing postcode and the value of sale.


Receive monthly insights that tell you WHEN and WHERE to target your ad spend to amplify exposure.


Connect custom audience to your ad channels and target the places where you have most influence.

Getting started with Herdify

We will email you a sign-in​ link so we can connect to your data​

Schedule a call to run​ through the initial insights ​

Push data to marketing​ channels using preformatted data​ ​

Schedule a call to review​ early-stage performance ​

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